Squares squares everywhere

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I’ve already declared my love of patchwork, so I won’t bore you with that! But I thought I’d just share something I’m working on (since realistically it might not be finished before I’m a pensioner).


Don’t worry, that isn’t all I’ve got so far! But I think this is my favourite of all the squares. The tutorial I’m using is here, and it’s nice and simple. I really love the way it’s a circle inside the square, and it’s nice and dense. I chose four colours: navy (which looks like black in the picture above, but I promise it’s navy), mustard, rust and lime green, with ivory for the borders. So I guess you could say it’s sort of autumnal? I think it’s going to be for a baby, but I don’t know yet whether it’ll be a boy or a girl, but I think this will work either way.IMG_0918

The yarn is Drops cottton merino and it’s LOVELY. Soft and squishy, but strong and with no sign of pilling, and it’s lovely to work with. The people at the Thursday knitting & crochet group couldn’t help themselves from fondling the squares, and I take that as a very good sign! Also I got it on sale for £1.60 per ball, and it’s machine washable!!! Could anything be more exciting?!

I mentioned that I had chosen four colours. What I didn’t mention is that for some reason I can’t help myself from obsessively making sure to do full sets of every possible colour combinations, as though something terrible will happen if I don’t. Here’s a full set of 24:


Goodness knows what will happen when I try to arrange them all to sew up….

Do you have any strange behaviours when it comes to arranging colours and whatnot? And how big does a baby blanket need to be? I don’t honestly know what it will be used for, so I have no idea!


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