A summer quilt for a baby

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Quilting was what made me buy a sewing machine in the first place. I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved the look of patchwork. It can be so random, but when it’s sewn up all nicely it looks so put together. Now that I’ve made some quilts, I enjoy even more how what starts as a messy collection of bits of fabric (hopefully!) ends up as a beautiful, complete, thing.

IMG_2718I was really happy with the colours for this quilt, they’re so summery and bright. I try hard when I’m selecting fabrics, having read some helpful tutorials (like this one and this one). I decide on a vague colour scheme before hand, and pick out some fabrics that will match. I try to have a mixture of scales and some more neutral colours so that the key fabrics pop out. However this often this get derailed when I find a fabric that I can’t bear not to include, like this one:


Who can resist the little cowboys?!

I thought I might go on a little transport kick too (I have a little soft spot for trains)


Now that I look at these I’m not sure I followed my ‘colour scheme’ that much at all really…

For the quilting I decided to go for a simple squares design in yellow. I’m a bit too much of a wimp for going for free-motion quilting unless I know the recipients are very forgiving, and currently this is for an unknown baby! If you have any tips for free-motion designs that are easy for beginners (and not too obvious when they go wrong) then I’d be very excited to hear them!

Spot the hungry caterpillar fabric too in the photo below! Another fabric I often can’t bear to leave out…


But hopefully wherever it ends up it will make someone very happy!


Have you ever had fabrics you’ve tried to sneak into everything you’ve made?!


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