Self-made in Montenegro

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I thought that to start with I’d share some clothes I made for our family holiday to Montenegro last summer. I was very excited about the prospect of making some summery clothes to wear while we were there (questionable priorities, since there’s not that much need for summery clothes up here in the North East, but not to worry…) and naturally ended up frantically sewing away the morning of our flight.


Montenegro was stunning! We were on the coast, near Kotor Bay, so we had a fantastic combination of beaches, forests, mountains, lovely old towns and olive groves. I think it was my ideal combination of holiday features. But this is not a travel blog! So let me show you a few of my favourite things I wore that week…


This outfit pretty much sums up the holiday! On the bottom we have some grainline maritime shorts in an airforce blue needlecord, that I lengthened to about knee length. I wore these so much! They were comfy, they had nice big pockets, I love them! On top, a tiny pocket tank (a bit of a grainline-fest, but there’s nothing wrong with that) in some liberty lawn that I got as a birthday treat.

Speaking of the liberty lawn, my family must have suffered deja vu quite a lot that week, since one of the other well-worn items was this Wiksten tova (that’s Rick there with me on the side of a mountain on a pretty terrifying hairpin-bend road).


This is still one of my most worn pieces of clothing, I love it! It’s the perfect mix of comfy and slightly smart looking.

Finally, a bit of an out-take, but I couldn’t ignore the plaintain! This is by no means the only plantain that came to Montenegro, but worryingly this is probably the best photo containing a plantain.


We were feeling triumphant, having just climbed up to a mountain fort (St. John’s Castle), so maybe that can serve as an excuse.

However, it was totally worth it, because look at the view from the top!


What features would your ideal holiday destination have? And what would you wear?

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