I am Groot!


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This is a strange post because I have never even seen Guardians of the Galaxy, and I don’t really know who Groot is or what he does… But anyway, here he is!

This was a gift for a friend from work who was having a hard time, and who (thankfully) does know who Groot is.

I used a free tutorial from this link, which was very helpful (I’m definitely a novice crochet-er), and we found the perfect wool – Rowan tweed – which gives him a nice gnarly look. It was my husband’s idea, (he’s not normally one for crochet projects!), and he helped by sourcing wool, finding the plant pot and pebbles, stuffing and sewing the pieces together and general moral support. It was a fun weekend!

Have you had any joint-crafting adventures? Or made any gifts that you don’t quite understand?

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